The Doctor's Office

Whenever I have a doctor's appointment, I bring the camera. Once at the doctor's office, and after the first few minutes waiting in the front room reading out of date tabloid magazines, I'm then put in the check up room down the hall. Usually, this is a 5-15 minute wait, once again reading more ragged 1980's era magazines. As soon as they close the door, my camera comes out. Adjusting to the florescent white balance setting and upping the ISO to 400+, it's time to get to work. All those weird medical tools attached to the walls, misc oddities on the shelf next to the waiting chair, the 'hazard' garbage can on the floor, and the medieval era adjustable bed in the middle, it's all photogenic. In those few minutes, I've managed to shoot entire rolls of film or cards covering master wide shots of the entire room with my 17mm and capturing various close-ups with my macro lens. To keep it simple, I bring one zoom lens, usually a 17-35 or thereabouts to reduce time changing lenses, etc. In my most recent visit, I shot the eye chart, taking advantage of both in focus and blurred perspectives.

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