View from 32,000 Feet

I only fly a few times a year, but when I do, I always get a window, and always look out the window. I find it odd that here we are, thousands of feet above the ground, and I'm the only looking out the window. In my fly fishing days, I'd try to find remote streams to fish. If I get lucky to see coastline, I'll find myself seeking out remote point breaks or try to match up the coastline with the map in my head of the area. But mostly, I'm fascinated by the clouds, geology below, funky light, or grid patterns of city lights at night. Some of the images on my site have the feeling of almost being in space, pretty cool. I usually curse when I get a super scratched up or dirty window, but try to make due. I try to shoot long exposures of the plane taking off or landing, which the stewardess usually warn me not to due to the weird no electronics thing. My pilot friends tell me that rule is BS, so I tuck the camera away when they pass, then continue shooting.

This image is from a flight north of San Francisco in later summer, 2008. The funky clouds are from forest fires below, probably in the Siskiyous or Klamath National Forests by Redding.

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