Family Fun Magazine Shoot, 2007

These two are from a Family Fun Magazine shoot of Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle in 2007. I followed a family on their summer vacation around the area for several days to all the sights.

Fisherman, Snoqualmie Falls


"Body Parts" a cross processed fine art series from 2001

Around 2001ish, I was experimenting with cross processing chrome film. This image is from a series called Body Parts that was Agfa negative film processed in reversal chemistry, a popular thing to do at the time.  Confusing to shoot, everything is opposite - shadows are highlights and vice versa.  I was going for an x-ray look.  The series was taken by Getty for stock and I had a show or two but it seemed for the most part too 'out there' for most galleries and such.  Or maybe it was the odd name. :)

I still have a few framed prints from the series if interested.  20"x24" Fujichrome prints.


Screen Shot - Chicago Art Institute

A bit short on patience, I get bored in even the most famous art museums.  Instead I use the time to look for other perspectives, whether it's visitors crowding a famous piece of art or in this case an interesting view of the Chicago skyline from the Art Institute. Behind me was a clay version of an old growth tree stump. Prefering the real thing as interesting enough, this window view instead caught my attention.


Seeing Reflections

A few years back I really got into shooting reflections.  Seeing reflections opens up a whole new realm of imaging and doubles what's available to see in any one location. Most pass by reflections looking for the obvious image.  Whats funny is that shooting reflections means aiming your camera directly into windows, car windshields or side mirrors and puddles. This perplexes people as they wonder what you're doing but in a busy National Park I get excited knowing I'm shooting something no one else sees.  These are both from Nevada around Las Vegas.

Visitor Center window, Valley of Fire, Nevada

Red Rock Rec Area, Nevada


Wacky Portraits of Sherman Alexie

In approx 2002, a photographer friend called to refer a job to me to shoot NW indian author, Sherman Alexie, for the Guardian.  It started with great black and white shoot on my Hasselblad in Seattle's Arboretum near his office.  His office liked the shots then hired me a few more times to shoot images for their own use.  Here's one of the shoots we did, I can't remember the goal but he was always doing various projects to promote his books.  Quite the character, it was a fun shoot.

Shot with a 17mm lens in my studio at the time using an umbrella and White Lightning strobe.