I shot both of these before the Martian showed up in theaters, but they do remind me of Mars or a planetary feel. Both shot from my window flying a dusk from Oahu to Seattle in May after our surf camp.  No one else was looking out the window.  I was blown away by the view, then watched it diminish into darkness as we approached the Pacific Coast.  


Hurricane Ridge Reflection

Whenever I visit a national park or any location that I've been to a lot, I try to find a different way of capturing the scene or sometimes try to refine images I wasn't able to quite get right the first few times. Here's an image from my Reflections series which requires a lot of trial and error in working with reflected glass, various light levels and a very busy people traffic spot (requires a lot of yielding for groups).

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic NP, Port Angeles, WA


Portrait Job for Ballard Elks Lodge

Here's a few portraits of Ballard Elks Lodge #827 officers for wall images and their newsletter.  My goal with little direction was to shoot a serious images, a smiling image and a wacky photo to loosen up the guys not used to such portrait sessions.

A few samples..