I Love Tunnels!

Tunnels provide a bunch of shooting options providing you're not holding up traffic.  I've been shooting through my windshield for years, first with a Nikon FM2 hand cranking the winder with one hand, then digital SLRs and now the iPhone thing.  

This is one of the three in a row tunnels en route to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park in Washington State.  Check my Instragram page for video versions of these tunnels.  


Creative Selfies

Need a selfie?  Everyone has done the classic shot with half their arm taking up the lower corner while holding the camera.  Instead take advantage of being in cool places to get a selfie that really stands out.  Here's one of myself and my partner Christy reflected in the Bean at Millinium Park in Chicago in July.  I also have motion versions of this with all the folks around us milling around with me in one place.

Selfie @ Bean at Millinium Park


My Perspectives of the Hoh Rainforest

We hadn't been to the Hoh Rainforest in years.  It's near by some pretty good surf spots which usually get my attention.  But we did the drive in, saw tourists from every country in the world, cheesy visitor center, then found a trail to escape the massive volume of tourists on the two circular trails.  These are on the main hiking trail leading to Mt Olympic, 17 miles distant.

The Hoh has been shot millions of times. It's not my thing to shoot the standard shots of a place.  That's boring to me, so I try to find a unique perspective or one that's true to me.

Kayaker Kate Hives Surf Kayaking

Kate Hives dropping from a close-out on the Washington Coast, 2013
Image available to license from Spaces Images


Wildlife and the Tourist

While visiting Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park last weekend, the usual tourists were out stalking the resident deer.  I shot a bunch of humorous images of tourists following deer, some trying to pet and have a personal moment with them as well.  When not being stalked, these deer are known for licking anti-freeze from the parking lot.


My Office Campanion

I miss my office companion of the last 13 years.  Sam the dog passed last September from a sudden bout of cancer. She sat patiently as I worked away in the photo biz and more recently in the SUP business.  She even made the cover of a popular NW hiking guide for dog owners and in several ads from my images on Getty and other agencies.

We called this half-sam. Always watching.