Portrait Job for the Ballard Elks Lodge #827 - 2016 Officers

Here's a few samples from my recent shoot of the 2016 Officers of the Ballard Elks in Seattle. I'm a member of the Lodge as well.


New Miniatures!

It's been nearly 10 years since I regularly shot Miniatures images, a style of imagery I used to make a living from in the late 90's to mid-last decade. Image trends and the demise of my LA gallery forced me to find new ways of shooting.  Noticing a slight rise in the use of miniatures again in editorial pieces, I thought I'd dip into my extensive props and shoot a new series.

Click Here See New Miniatures Images


Creaky Knees Book Cover for Sasquatch Books

My 2nd cover for Sasquatch Books, here from the Creaky Knees series.  The image is of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, in Washington State.


I shot both of these before the Martian showed up in theaters, but they do remind me of Mars or a planetary feel. Both shot from my window flying a dusk from Oahu to Seattle in May after our surf camp.  No one else was looking out the window.  I was blown away by the view, then watched it diminish into darkness as we approached the Pacific Coast.