Self Portrait While Sea Kayaking..

I guess it's kinda odd that I sea kayak a minimum of 3 days a week, all year, and have very few images of kayaking. My excuse is that it is difficult to get good shots while on the water due to wetness issues. Wet hands is an issue, then once you've pulled the camera out of a dry bag, there's an issue of the bag becoming wet as well. Good balance or a easily balanced kayak helps as well. Waterproof camera housings are bulky and heavy, so I tend to not use those. I need 48mg files (non interpolated) for stock clients so the smaller waterproof 6mp cameras won't work either. I remember reading Joel Roger's 'Hidden Coast' of a trip he had near Shi Shi Beach on the Washington Coast. He was shooting in the surf zone and was thrown into the instant decision of whether to save himself or the camera. Gary Luhm another NW photographer has a good section on all of this on his 'FAQ' section of his site. This shot is from a 17mm Tamron lens yesterday at my normal paddle spot off Seattle's West Point. The kayak is my new Sterling Donaldson Illusion.

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