A Daunting Task..

After years of neglect, I've decided to update and consolidate my 98k image file. Yikes!

Here's the process..

- Transfer 2 files each equalling a half dozen terabytes from an old G5 to new hard drives.  Sounds easy right?  I went out and got a big hard drive to do the job, plugged it in, and the 'old' G5 wouldn't recognize it.  Called my computer tech Tim Hannon, who supplied me with the right drive for the job.
Two weeks later (a time issue), both files were transfered to his drive then mine.

- Next up, researching Peter Krogh's DAM book for a plan in breaking down the mutliples of old files and current files on my laptop and additonal hard drives and building one cohesive archive. Yikes again.  Then start a new catalog in Lightroom, make backup hard drives, etc.

- When that's done, it's time to dig into my 15 years of film archives to do a tight edit to make scans for stock and portfolio images.  That's 35mm, 2 1/4, 6x7 and 4x5 transparencies dating to 1991.

Wish me luck!  

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