Seeing Reflections

When I began to focus a bit on Reflections a few years ago, like anything my images improved as I developed a stronger understanding of how to shoot them, what I was looking for, what worked and didn't.  Reflections can be tricky to compose while trying to find separation of the elements in the frame. They're also hard to see sometimes and are more common than you'd think.

Shooting from a Washington State ferry became a great place to view reflections especially since the view is constantly moving.  The ferry's windows are always interesting to shoot from while adding for filtering out cross reflections from behind me, in front of me, and sorting out 2-3 different reflections in each plane of glass.  The windows are often quite dirty and sometimes fogged.  I've learned to shoot around or add those elements to the image.

Sometimes I'd see a possible shot coming, prepare for it and hope i got it before it passed.  This reminds me of a workshop with Sam Abell who mentioned while in Japan on the bullet train, he spotted Mt Fuji.  The train is so fast that by the time he grabbed his camera the view was gone.

This one is from the ferry in the San Juan Islands in WA State looking north towards Cypress Island.  I also included a tighter crop to show an alternative way of shooting/viewing such an image.  Often I'll shoot wider knowing I'll crop for final presentation.

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