Recalling the last recession.. Redux...

In my own response to my last posting, while it took me a long time to get over the hit my business took in the last recession, I did learn to be more prepared for change, and focus my energy away from the negative. Between the news of weekly layoffs, and all the very grumpy photographers I regularly hear from, life goes on. A few years after the last recession, I took up sea kayaking which became a great stress reliever, and got me out of the office. That lead to surf kayaking, and thus an addictive need to surf all the time, even to the point where I wasn't working enough. And I found a group of people who cared more about swell predictions and buoy readings than the economy or the change in their jobs, etc. Sometimes change is good. Admittantly, my business is dead now, but after twenty years in photography, I'm more passionate about surfing. That said, I'm planning to start an online surfing magazine, write a book about surfing, and am learning to become a skilled stand up paddler so I can teach it and lead guided tours in my local waters. I'm also helping a local surf shop, Cheka Looka, with their marketing and media presence. I'll still shoot, but not focus on it 100%, as I've found there's more in life.

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