Weekend Warrior 2

Following in my Weekend Warrior series, here's another perspective.  After setting arriving, setting up the gear.. taking it easy.  

Weekend Warrior

This is a re-shoot of an image I shot in the late 1990's on 4x5 Fujichrome Velvia. 

I've gained a few more outdoorsy items to add to the stack.  


Space Travel Series #2

Maybe call this Space Force...


New Space Travel Series

Images from a new series on Space Travel.
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Puget Sound Ferry Perspectives

 I take the Edmonds-Kingston ferry often in traveling to the Olympic Peninsula to surf, paddle and of course shoot images. If you follow my Instagram channel you're used to seeing my nearly weekly ferry photos.

Here's two from a ride in the evening back to Seattle after a trip a few weeks ago.  The ferry had just added the yellow exterior deck lights which worked out great with our usual blue-ish dusk light.

The ferries have lots of cool angles, portholes and windows to work with.