Puget Sound Ferry Perspectives

 I take the Edmonds-Kingston ferry often in traveling to the Olympic Peninsula to surf, paddle and of course shoot images. If you follow my Instagram channel you're used to seeing my nearly weekly ferry photos.

Here's two from a ride in the evening back to Seattle after a trip a few weeks ago.  The ferry had just added the yellow exterior deck lights which worked out great with our usual blue-ish dusk light.

The ferries have lots of cool angles, portholes and windows to work with.


Sunset Couple on Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park

Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park has endless opportunities for images. No matter what the season, there's always great light and different perspectives. 

This one was shot in summer when the Lake Crescent Lodge (Singer Tavern) becomes very busy. Taking advantage of the dropping sun, this couple happened to come into my frame for a perfect silhouette and one that doesn't require a model release.  

This image available at Spaces Images.


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Shooting Shadows

I love shooting shadows. While most are looking for epic landscapes or views at eye level, I'm always also looking at everyone's feet.  It's tricky to shoot shadows in non-posed situations such as people walking by in crowded sidewalks. But if you're willing to shoot a lot of frames and accept a fair amount of failure until you get the right shot, the results are worth it.  

Here's a few samples from over the years..

My partner taking a pic in Santa Fe, NM

Prone paddler friend Darrell

My partner and I walking at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic NP. I had a bulky
bag around my waist which I removed in post.  


Photo Tips - Timing is Everything

As many of you know timing is everything in getting the best photo.  In the image below, I was setting up a window reflection on a Lake Crescent Olympic National Park cabin, the a couple holding hands happened to walk by!  I started with a great image that got much better thanks to the walkers.

From a model release issue standpoint, they're enough out of focus and with backs turned, I should be ok on not needing a release for stock photo licensing.

The cabin is a Roosevelt Cabin, a rental, at Lake Crescent west of Port Angeles, WA a few miles.  Open all year, a great place to visit and shoot in all seasons.

Image succession.. First is the original image pre-couple, then #2 add the couple and #3 with Instagram custom editing.

Original shot

Couple walks in...

Final shot + Instagram custom editing